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Antique Jewellery – Tips For Buyers

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Antique jewellery can bring the wearer great pleasure and it can be fascinating to discover the history of the pieces you have chosen.  But how do you go about buying genuine antique jewellery that will retain its value for years to come?  Read on for some helpful tips. Condition is everything As with most antiques, the condition of jewellery is of vital importance if the piece is to retain its value for re-sale or for insurance valuation. Always use a magnifying glass to check pieces for cracks and damage to enamelled areas or semi-precious stones, and watch out for signs of corrosion or discolouration on silver and gold.  Although minor scratches can be repaired, more serious flaws cannot. Look to see that the quality of the craftsmanship on each piece is good; stones should be perfectly symmetrical in their settings, lines should be straight and the overall finish of the pieces should be good. Watch out for fakes Unfortunately, there are many fakes out there waiting to trap the unwary buyer.  Look carefully for a clear maker’s mark or a signature on the piece.  This will help you to age the piece accurately and can provide useful clues to spotting non-genuine items.  For example, watch out for items of jewellery that purport to be Georgian but whose alleged maker didn’t work in that style at that particular time. Such items are probably not the genuine article. If possible, obtain documentation that authenticates the piece.  If you are buying from a dealer or reputable jeweller, they should be able to provide you with this.  Other useful documents include: original receipts for the purchase printed research that shows an item’s history photographs of the piece being worn at an event that can be precisely dated If you are buying diamonds, it’s often possible to have the piece authenticated by a professional.  The GIA is a world-recognised authority on diamonds and coloured gemstones, and if you’re buying an antique piece from a dealer, you should ask for a GIA certificate.  A GIA certificate will detail features such as: clarity of the stone cut weight maker colour Buying antique jewellery is great fun and can also be a good investment if you buy wisely.  Follow the guidelines given above to make sure that you get good value for the money and a genuine article.  For more advice and guidance on buying antique jewellery, have a chat with local...

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What Is A Supply Chain And What Types of Jobs Are Available?

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A supply chain refers to the various steps taken to ensure that products or services make their way from the supplier to the different consumers. This chain comprises a diverse network of companies ranging from those that manufacture the products, the companies that transport the products, the companies that distribute the products and so on. As such, it will involve numerous tasks for example designing of goods, their assembly, their delivery and more. Supply chains, therefore, tend to have a wide assortment of employment opportunities available to fit different skillsets. Why do supply chains enlist the services of recruitment agencies? To meet their individual needs, you will find most supply chains will reach out to recruitment agencies to ensure that they are getting the appropriate individuals to fit within the supply chain, without having to spend a considerable amount of time vetting applicants. Opting to work in a supply chain will open you up to numerous job opportunities. Your placement would depend on your qualifications as well as the experience that you have. So what are some of the supply chain jobs that you could apply for at a recruitment agency? Supply chain managers These are one of the most lucrative paying jobs in a supply chain. Logistics managers are tasked with overseeing the operations of the company in various sectors such as shipping, the receiving of goods, warehousing and so on. They could even be tasked with managing the international supply chain operations of the company. These managers tend to have an entire department that will report exclusively to them and thus makes the supply chain managers vital players in the success of the corporation. To successfully apply for one of these positions you would require sufficient experience in a managerial position. Distribution planners As the name suggests, these employees are tasked with planning distribution. In the supply chain industry, this entails the logistical analysis of all activities that are taking place then come up with the different specifics that will enable the products to reach the clients. Distribution planners are crucial to ensuring that the goods being sold reach their respective consumers on time and in good condition. Supply chain clerks These employees will typically work in either the shipping department or the receiving department. They are the ones tasked with ensuring the goods leave safely and arrive at their designated points whether it is grocery stores, supermarkets and the like. Applying to work as a supply chain clerk would be a good place to jumpstart your career in the supply chain...

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4 Reasons Why Pontoon Boats Are Perfect For Families

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There are lots of different boats for sale on the local market. There are sailboats, houseboats, power jets, inflatable boats and more. However, if you are looking for a family-friendly option that everyone in your home can enjoy, then a pontoon is perfect. Not convinced? Read on below to find out more. Pontoons are very spacious When you are looking for a boat that can accommodate your entire family and probably some friends or members of the extended family, space is critical. As luck would have it, pontoons have lots of space to spare. Lots of them are three metres wide or more and can comfortably seat around 15 passengers. Pontoons offer enough space for you to easily stow away any luggage you may have when going away on trips, e.g. bags, fishing gear, coolers, clothes, etc. Comfort is not compromised Unlike hulled boats that typically rock back and forth, pontoons are very stable because they have a flat platform. This unique pontoon experience makes is ideal for families because everyone can enjoy the water without worrying about anyone getting seasick. Also, with lots of space to spare, kids have plenty of room to run around in. And don’t forget the comfy lounge seating that modern pontoons have. It’s almost like being on a floating lounge. Pontoons are classy Back in the days, pontoons were nothing to talk about. They were one of the most basic watercrafts anyone could have. Today, pontoons have come a long way. They have a great design and a very modern layout, complete with urban seating, gleaming aluminium panels and railings, BBQ grills, overhead shades and more. In short, they are something you and your entire family can look forward to spending time in every weekend. Pontoons are very safe It goes without saying that safety is important when selecting a boat for your family to use. Pontoons have high side rails that should keep anyone from falling over. They also can’t travel at very high speeds, so driving out of control is less likely. Their wide, flat decks allow anyone to move around the boat quite safely too. And there’s also the fact that they don’t bob up and down the water. Overall, pontoons are easily one of the safest boats you can find. There are lot of pontoon boats for sale out there and they come with different extras such as deckers, music systems, slides and fishing gear. Talk to a dealer like White Water Marine to find out about available...

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No Warm Beer Allowed: Three Signs Your Glycol System Needs Repair or Maintenance

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If you own a bar, you likely have a glycol system. It’s the system that allows your beer to travel from your keg room to your taps without getting warm. The only bars that don’t have glycol systems are typically the ones where the beer is stored in a cooler directly below the taps. If you have a glycol system, you need to monitor it for issues so that you never have to choose between shutting down your taps and offering your punters warm beer. Here are the signs of trouble you need to keep an eye on:  1. Warm Beer Warm beer is the biggest sign that something is amiss with your glycol system. If you pull the taps one day and the beer comes out warm, go to your cooler immediately. If it’s cold, there is an issue with your glycol system, and you need to contact a professional immediately. However, if the cooler is warm, the issue may be with the refrigeration of that space rather than your glycol system. 2. Silence Hopefully, warm beer should be one of the last signs of trouble you notice because once the issue has reached that level, it’s pretty serious. Make sure that you keep an eye on the other components making up your glycol system. In particular, your system relies on a compressor, a motor and a pump. Together, these items work together to move the glycol through the system. Every morning when opening the pub, check on these items. If you hear them whirring away, they are likely fine, but the sound of silence heralds an issue. 3. Warm or Watery Glycol In addition to the components that move the glycol through your system, you also have to monitor the glycol itself. When you have a technician out to install or maintain the system, have them show you how to find and check the glycol reservoir. Ideally, you should check the substance daily to ensure that the temperature is at the desired level. Additionally, you want to make sure that the system is not harbouring water. In most cases, glycol is stored at temps that would freeze water. As a result, if there is water in your system, you will see ice crystals in the glycol. Contact a professional as soon as you see ice. If water penetrates the entire system, it may freeze in the reservoir or in the pipes, and the expansion can cause everything to break....

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Reasons to Consider a Live Answering Service for Your Business

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When it comes to operational costs, some business owners try to be as frugal as possible to ensure they are not decreasing their bottom line. As such, you will find they will skim on additional services for their business such as a live answering service and opt for automated services when they are not in the office. Although this may seem like an ideal way to cost cut, you could be negatively affecting your business’ finances instead. This is especially true if your business relies on the setting of appointments or placing of orders for goods and services over the phone. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider a live answering service for your business. A live answering service ensures efficiency One thing to take note of about potential customers is that they may not always contact your business during office hours. Instead of limiting all the placement of orders or setting of appointments to a rigid timeline, you should opt for a live answering service. These services can be provided to your 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This greatly decreases the chances of missing out on business when you are off duty. Potential clients can call your office and be attended to by the live answering service. Once you are back in office, you will have a record of all the calls that came in so you can attend to them as need be. This can contribute to a significant boost in your business. A live answering service will screen your phone calls One thing businesses cannot avoid is people who call in without any specific agenda. If you have hired a receptionist or expect your employees to handle calls on their own, you could end up with a lot of time wasted. Since decorum is supposed to be maintained over the phone, it would not be ideal to shut down callers who are not bringing in business as it could present a bad image for your company. With a live answering service, you do not have to worry about screening your business phone calls. The live answering employees will attend to each call and glean information on which leads should be followed by your company and which ones can be ignored. This makes it easier for you to focus on potential customers that will bring your legitimate business, rather than having to handle all calls that you receive on a daily...

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Quick Tips for Fun and Successful Deep Sea Fishing

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Deep sea fishing refers to fishing far off the shore, in waters that are several meters deep. You need to plan on hitting these deep waters to find some of what are called game fish, meaning swordfish, tuna, and the like. Deep sea fishing can be a bit more complicated than regular fishing as these fish are bigger and may be harder to reel in, and since you’re in the wide open waters, they can also be harder to find. Note a few quick tips for fun and successful deep sea fishing for your next holiday. Know the signs of where to find fish Since you’ll be in a great amount of open water for deep sea fishing, you need to watch for signs of where to find fish rather than simply trolling and expecting them to find you. Seagulls often feed on bait fish that are dead in the water, and game fish might do the same. If you see seagulls circling an area, this can be a good sign of nearby fish. Driftwood might provide shade for large fish to come closer to the surface to feed, so look for logs or any other type of wood. Look for dolphins Some game fish such as tuna will actually school and swim with dolphins. This can give them added protection against their own predators. If you see schools of dolphins, fish nearby as you might find more tuna and other fish with them. Bring the right tools Since fishing wire for deep sea fishing is so much thicker than standard fishing line, you need to bring the right tools for cutting through it. This can mean an actual pair of pliers or a lighter to burn through what is called a spider wire braid rope. The pliers can also be needed to take the larger hooks out of the mouths of the game fish you encounter; since their skin is so thick, you may not be able to simply pry it out as you would with standard fishing. Don’t get seasick You might lose sight of the shoreline when deep sea fishing, and this can cause even more seasickness than with standard fishing. Bring medication with you and stay away from the engine of the boat, as breathing in exhaust and fumes can make the problem worse. Look down at the floor of the boat rather than the water; seasickness is caused when the feelings in your legs don’t match up with what your eyes see along the horizon. Taking your eyes off the horizon can cause the feeling to...

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A Few Simple Guidelines for Using a High Pressure Washer at Home

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A high pressure washer is a must-have for many homeowners, as it makes quick and easy work of washing your car, outside deck, siding, and probably dozens of other items and surfaces around the home. However, you want to ensure you use a high pressure washer properly so you don’t damage those surfaces and also protect your equipment. Note a few tips on how to do this. 1. Use the equipment safely Never use a gas-powered pressure washer where there is not proper ventilation. If needed, such as when using it in a closed garage, turn on fans to direct the exhaust through vents or open windows. For an electric washer, be sure you keep the power cords elevated and away from puddles or running water. 2. Know your surface and residue Soft, porous surfaces are usually best cleaned by light pressure, not high pressure. Even some brick and mortar surfaces can get chipped or damaged from too much pressure. If you want to clean masonry, certain tiles, and other such materials with your pressure washer, you might want to test it on an area that cannot be seen and use the lowest pressure possible to start. Increase the pressure as needed and as safe. Along with avoiding damage to surfaces, you want to consider any residue you might create from washing. It’s always best to avoid using a pressure washer to clean a home with lead paint, as the lead can get into the runoff and then into soil or groundwater. If you’re cleaning very greasy tools, you might want to keep them in a bucket and wash them so you can properly dispose of the runoff created with washing, rather than letting oil and grease run down into a drain in the street. 3. Avoid vents When cleaning your home’s exterior, keep the pressure washer spray away from the dryer vent and other vents outside your home. This will keep the vent and the equipment to which it’s attached from becoming damaged. Do the same when washing your car; you might be so eager to give it a thorough clean when you have your own pressure washer that you forget to avoid the exhaust pipe and such areas. 4. Use the right detergent for the washer You might know to choose the right detergent for the surface you’re cleaning, but you also want to ensure your washer’s nozzle and hose can handle the thickness of the detergent as well. Check the recommended detergent types for your washer and be sure you choose those that are compatible so your washer doesn’t get clogged. For more information, contact a local pressure washer manufacturer or supplier, like Jetwave Industrial...

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Balustrade fretwork and the materials you could use

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Balustrades are a great way of ensuring safety on your stairs, decks, balconies and more. However, opting for balustrading for safety reasons does not mean that your choice of balustrading has to be unattractive. If you would like to enhance the aesthetics of the area in which the balustrading will be installed, you should consider balustrade fretwork. What does balustrade fretwork mean? Balustrade fretworks refers to narrow strips of material that are incorporated into the balustrading to create an ornamental design on them. The fretwork can be installed at the bottom of the balustrading or at the top of it to enhance its overall look rather than having simple posts or panels holding the balustrading in place. Another advantage of balustrade fretwork is that it is not limited to balustrades only. You can opt to use the same fretwork design on other aspects of your home such as your verandah, patio and more to create a cohesive design indoors and outdoors. Additionally, the fretwork can be mounted on these areas on its own or you could incorporate balustrading to support the fretwork. What materials can be used for balustrade fretwork? When opting for balustrade fretwork, some homeowners tend to opt for the same material that they use to make their balustrading. However, you could choose to experiment with using contrasting materials for your fretwork and balustrading. For instance, timber balustrading would work well with wrought iron fretwork. Some of the materials that you could use for balustrade fretwork include: Timber: If you are looking for a quintessential material that will always be a classic, then timber balustrade fretwork would be an ideal choice for you. Once the fretwork is created, you could opt to either paint it or stain it depending on the aesthetics that you want. It should be noted though that if your balustrade fretwork is going to be used outdoors, you should ensure that the wood is treated beforehand. Steel: If you have a modern home and would like sleek lines and materials incorporated into your residence, then steel balustrade fretwork would be a good choice. One advantage of this type of fretwork is that it can easily be used in tandem with an array of other materials as it blends in easily. Opting for stainless steel fretwork gives you the added advantage of having a corrosion-resistant material that will last for a significant amount of...

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CNC Fabrication: Cost-Cutting Tips for Electronic Parts Projects

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The fabrication of electronic parts requires precision and low tolerances, so CNC machining is a valuable technology during such projects. Unfortunately, the cost of manufacturing using these computer controlled techniques is high. This will increase the total expenses for your retail products and consequently, your potential profits will decline. Here are the some simple tips to help you reduce the CNC machining expenses for electronic parts. Choose Affordable Materials The choice of fabrication is the most basic and apparent factor to consider when attempting to cut costs. There are different materials that are suitable for electronics manufacture, depending on the parts that you want to build.  Therefore, it is prudent to ask your manufacturer about all the potential materials and their differences in cost and performance. For example, if a solid component can be built with either stainless steel or aluminium, you should choose the latter. The aluminium performs well and it is easier to machine compared to the high density steel. If you are manufacturing covers for electronics, you can choose between metal and polymers. Metals have a cleaner contemporary appearance, but plastic offers the best value in terms of expenses. Simplify Your Design One of the main advantages of CNC machining is that the technology allows the manufacture of complex products from intricate designs. Basically, the fabrication equipment is connected to computer software that controls the tooling, so the design possibilities are virtually limitless. Unfortunately, when the design of the product is intricate, more complex fabrication equipment will be required and the energy demands will be higher. Consequently, the project costs can increase unnecessarily. Therefore, you should engage a designer to review and help you simplify your design for better machinability. This can be done primarily by improving the organisation of internal components and reducing features intended for visual appeal. In addition, the product can be built as separate parts which can be assembled using screws. Reduce Finishing Processes Finishing processes are important because they ensure that the electronic components are presentable to the consumers. However, you might increase your potential costs by overreaching when selecting the right finishing technique. The common finishes for external surfaces such as electronic covers include anodising, chemical film and texturing by abrasive blasting. If you are interested in these unique finishes, choose a single one for lower costs, instead of the more visually exciting mixing and matching. For even lower expenses, do not specify texture; leave the decision open or simply request for...

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Effective Ways to Minimise Printing Costs

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When you print high volume amounts, the cost of ink can become a major expense. However, there are ways that you can cut back on the amount of ink that you waste regularly, which will help you save on the cost of ink over time. Before you start trying to lessen your ink costs, you should begin by learning the most effective ways to minimise total printing costs within the office. Cost per page When you are shopping office printer sales for your office, it is important that you consider the cost per page. Laser printers come with a higher price tag and are a much larger investment, but the cost per page is a lot lower than more affordable printers. This means that investing in laser printers at your office can be one of the best ways to keep ink costs low and allow you to get the most value over time if you are printing high volume amounts. Duplexer It is also important to purchase printers for your office that offer a duplexer setting. This is a feature that can be automatic on your printer. The duplexer feature allows you to print on both sides of a piece of paper, and it can be set in a way that this is the automatic formatting for your printer. This can be the default mode and allows you to cut back on paper costs at a high rate. The amount that you save on paper can be added to your budget for ink costs. If you purchase a printer with this as the default setting, you will have to change the formatting to simplex in order for it to print on only one side. Low warning It is also a good idea to be skeptical about low ink cartridge warnings. Just because this alert pops up does not mean that your ink cartridge needs to be changed immediately. If you want to make sure that you do not waste any ink at all, it is best to not change the old cartridge until it no longer prints. This means that you should not rely on the low cartridge printer warnings to determine when the ink should be changed. Recycle It is even possible to get access to more savings by opting to recycle your cartridges. This means that you can buy ink refill kits instead of buying completely new cartridges when you run out. It is possible to have a cartridge refilled several...

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